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A global pandemic has done more for Corporate America than common sense was able to do…ever.

Our new “normal” has allowed upper management to actually observe the rooms of paper/files that have accumulated over past decades. These files represent lost opportunity costs as rent has been paid to keep these files stored that few if any, understood what was in there.

As more and more corporate decision makers are aware of the stacks of paper/servers that are in use, and the cutback of employees from the office perspective due to the pandemic, new options are being created that will require the downsizing of office space over the next several years.

The cost of storing excess files in this downsizing environment, off-site storage of documents and the utter decrease in paper with an accompanying increase in digital files leads to opportunities to maximize returns by DEALING WITH PAPER/FILES.

The Opportunity

Dealing with this is a requirement. It can easily be a PAINFUL exercise that takes limited resources and have those working in the office be put in a position to CLEAN UP the mess without the rationale as to what is important or critical to keep of digitize.

As well, this can be reversed and made into a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE if a TEAMBUILDING EVENT is structured to do all of the necessary assessments and follow up to be precise with the necessary regulations and accountabilities to support further business.

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Are you ready to eliminate

disorganization & overwhelm?

Our Premier 9-Step System was created to help you increase productivity

and go from overwhelmed to optimized in 90 days or less.


Create a workspace that helps you and your business thrive! We empower you to design a productive environment where you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life.


We believe Clutter is postponed decisions®. Let us show you the difference between a finding system vs. a filing system. From paper to digital, organize what you need and let go of what you don't.


From time management to customer management, creating routines is essential. We show you how to implement, execute and stay consistent with your new practices within your business and your life.

No matter how busy or chaotic your days are,

getting organized will change your life and your business.

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