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Announcing the launch of Productive Environment SYSTEMS™

Raleigh, NC, February 1, 2021 - Productive Environment SYSTEMS™ is a new weapon for your business in the eternal fight against low productivity, disorganization, and that dreaded feeling of being overwhelmed in the workplace. Our team of professionals is committed to teaching you the methods to get you on the path to optimization.

How workplaces manage their time, store important documents, communicate with colleagues and clients, and run their business has never been more important. Get a step ahead with us and Productive Environment SYSTEMS™.

Our Premier 9-Step System was created to get you on the path to increasing productivity and go from overwhelmed to optimized, in less than 90 days. Just 9 steps and in just 90 days! Productive Environment Systems will design workplace solutions to help your business thrive by empowering you, its leader, and educating your team. We are big believers in streamlining existing systems because ‘Clutter is Postponed Decisions’. Finding a system that suits your business is so crucial, so we won’t just teach you a filing system, we will actually find a system that works for you and your workplace.

Our team will also show you how through a broad knowledge of essential routines that work for you. As a result, time and client management will become a breeze. You will be given the ability to implement, execute and more importantly stay consistent in whatever it is you do.

Our team is headed by Barbara Hemphill, a pioneer in the productivity industry, who has over 40 years of experience helping 1000’s companies by getting them on the path to optimization. She has been featured nationally on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and CNN. She has also been showcased in USA Today, New York Times, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Real Simple, and Guideposts and is currently a contributing writer for Formidable Woman magazine. Barbara has partnered with Laura Morgan Connor, another leader in the industry to create this amazing new venture, Productive Environment Systems. Together they are committed to training business leaders and their teams in how to better themselves professionally - by getting on the path of optimization.

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